Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is estate, heirloom, or vintage jewelry?

    Estate jewelry is any piece of pre-owned jewelry.
    • Should I clean the jewelry before sending it to you?

    No, you do not need to clean the jewelry before sending it.
    • Is selling my jewelry to you confidential?

    Yes, selling family heirlooms or treasured possessions can be an emotional and difficult process. At Ross-Simons, we are sensitive to your decision and need for confidentiality. We make the process of selling your jewelry safe, convenient, and confidential.
    • Can I feel confident that I will be receiving the best price?

    Yes, we have sixty years of experience. We've built our reputation on your trust and satisfaction.
    • May I ship my jewelry in jewelry boxes?

    Yes, but we cannot return jewelry boxes or bags. Please do not enclose any packaging materials that you would not mind discarding.
    • How will my valuables be transported safely from my home to Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry?

    Your first step is to fill out our Ross-Simons online registration form, under New Seller? Let's get started and send us a picture of your jewelry. If we are interested, we will mail you a free UPS insured shipping Kit. You will immediately be assigned your unique Transaction Number and UPS Tracking Number and receive an email confirmation. If you need help filling out the online form, or prefer to register by phone, please call us at 401-463-3100 (ext 451). Follow the instructions provided with the Kit. When your package is ready to go, hand it to a UPS driver, or drop it off at a staffed UPS location (not a drop box) and get a receipt. To activate your insurance coverage (see #8 if more insurance is needed), make sure UPS scans your tracking number into its system. You can find your nearest non-drop-box UPS location at, or call 800-PICK-UPS (742-5877) to request location information.
    • How much will it cost me to ship my items to Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry?

    Absolutely nothing. Your insured UPS shipping Kit come at no cost to you — that's right, free with our compliments. It can be used any time, but you are under no obligation to use it if you change your mind or prefer to use a different carrier. Also, if you do send us your items and receive a check, but then decide to return the check and get your items back, we will again ship them insured and free of charge.
    • How much material can I send?

    We will confirm that we would like to assess your jewelry after we receive your photo and information. No matter how much material you send, we will make it as easy and secure as possible for you to get it to us. If based on our estimate using our "What We Pay" page we believe that the total value of your items is more than $500 we will increase your insurance appropriately. In no cases will the package be insured for the greater of $500 or our offer of insurance. If your shipment is too large or bulky for our Shipping Kit, please email us at, or call us at 401-463-3100 (ext 451), for assistance. We are Patriot Act compliant; certain transactions may be subject to specific federal reporting and recordkeeping requirements.
    • What if my shipment is damaged or lost?

    Occasionally packages are damaged or lost in transit. To prevent monetary damage, you must make sure that (1) the Declared Value of your shipment is adequate, and (2) UPS scans your label barcode into its system and gives you a receipt. We automatically set the Declared Value at $500; if we determine that the total value of your items exceeds $500, we will request a label with a higher Declared Value. In no circumstance will Ross-Simons be responsible for any amount in of excess of the declared value. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you will be properly compensated — no matter what happens to your shipment. In the event that we do not receive your package on the scheduled delivery date, we will immediately report it to UPS, and they will launch an investigation. You may be contacted by UPS, and we may request a copy of your shipping receipt for documentation. We will prepare and file a UPS claim on your behalf, and (upon payment of your claim) we will reimburse you in the amount of your Declared Value. You should not use any other method of shipping other than UPS with the label provided. Ross-Simons is not responsible for any claims of loss if you do.
    • How long will it take for my shipment to get to the processing facility?

    It depends on your "Ship From" location. Find your location on UPS's Ground Time-in-Transit Map below. The color on the map corresponds to the number of transit days to our "Ship To" Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry address 8 Ross-Simons Dr, Cranston, RI 02920. Add 2 days if a weekend intervenes.

    Business days in transit to: CRANSTON, RI 02920

    • How will I know when my package has safely arrived at Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry?

    As soon as your package arrives, we will send you an email alert. In the meantime, you can track your shipment by logging in to our site under Existing Seller Login, by visiting, or by calling UPS toll-free at 800-PICK-UPS (742-5877). The initial unpacking and evaluating of your items will be documented by our video webcam. You will observe your own package in the skilled hands of our knowledgeable, experienced staff, and be able to watch us remove everything you packed. It's almost as if you traveled to our store and delivered your items in person, but without leaving the comfort of your home or office.
    • How can Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry assure the safety and security of my valuables and an accurate evaluation?

    Your peace of mind is important to us, because you are entrusting us with your valuables and counting on us to pay you a fair price. We take security extremely seriously and assume full responsibility for your valuables while they are on our premises. All deliveries to our Ross-Simons center are immediately logged into our system, and the entire facility is equipped with multiple surveillance cameras and insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Our expert appraisers are carefully screened and trained in using the latest, most accurate precious-metals testing methods. With our video receiving, we provide our Sellers the highest level of transparency in the industry.
    • How much will Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry pay me for my items?

    We will confirm that we would like to evaluate your jewelry after we receive your photo and information. However, before we can determine the actual amount we are willing to pay we must of course see the piece(s) in person. For more details, see What We Pay.
    • How will my jewelry be tested?

    We examine your jewelry in our Gemological Laboratory by our expert gemologists and buyers. Diamonds are evaluated based on the 4 C's - Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. We test the gold karat weight.
    • Do I need an appraisal to sell you an item?

    An appraisal is not necessary to sell your jewelry to Ross-Simons. If you already have an appraisal, the information may be helpful to us in regards to jewelry details like the size and quality of diamonds, gemstones and metals.
    • What does the retail replacement value in a jewelry appraisal mean?

    Besides containing the gemological details about your jewelry piece, a jewelry appraisal written for insurance purposes also contains a value called the retail replacement value. The retail replacement value is an estimate of what it would take to replace an item. The retail replacement value includes the cost of labor, materials, and the wholesale jeweler's and retail jeweler's profits. Some jewelry appraisals may contain significantly inflated retail replacement values. You should not expect to receive the retail replacement value when you sell your jewelry.
    • Do you provide a written appraisal?

    We do not provide a written appraisal after we evaluate your jewelry. If we are interested in purchasing your items, we make an offer to buy.
    • How quickly, and by what method, will Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry pay me?

    We will send you a check by UPS Second Day mail.
    • Will I know the amount before I receive it?

    We will email you as soon as your payment amount is determined. You are encouraged to log in to our site under Existing Seller Login, see your video, review your itemized transaction details and accept or reject the offer. You may also email us at, or call us at 401-463-3100 (ext 451) if you have questions.
    • What if I am not satisfied with the payment amount?

    Just reject the offer or mail back your uncashed check to: Ross-Simons Selling-Fine-Jewelry, 8 Ross-Simons Dr, Cranston, RI 02920. As soon as we receive your check, we will immediately ship your items back to you at our expense, insured for the amount of your check or the Declared Value of your original shipment, whichever is greater. You will receive an email notification confirming the shipment. If your check is cashed or deposited, we will consider your payment as accepted and your transaction as closed. Your items will be sold and will no longer be returnable.
    • What about broken jewelry or items missing stones?

    Ross-Simons Gold Exchange will buy gold items even if they are broken or missing stones.
    • Does Ross-Simons report the transaction to state or federal revenue authorities?

    No, Ross-Simons does not report the transaction to state or federal revenue authorities. Please consult your tax advisor.