What We Pay

The Process

We will confirm that we would like to assess your jewelry after we receive your photo and information.

However, before we can determine the actual amount we are willing to pay, we must of course see the piece(s) in person. We will provide a free, insured, Selling-Fine-Jewelry kit for you to send us your unwanted jewelry.

How do we determine value?

When determining the value of estate jewelry, Ross-Simons expert appraisers take into consideration the jewelry's design, history and maker. Beyond the intrinsic elements (i.e. diamonds, gemstones and precious metals contained in a piece), we carefully take into account the non-tangible qualities of fine vintage jewelry.

Ultimately Ross-Simons will examine your antique and estate jewelry in our Gemological Laboratory by our expert gemologists and buyers.

Intrinsic Value:

Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, and Platinum constitute the intrinsic value of an antique and estate jewelry piece. We value diamonds and gemstones for their quality and rarity, and diamonds have added value when accompanied with a certificate of quality. Diamonds are evaluated based on the 4 C's - Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. We test the gold karat weight.


Some antique and estate jewels are one-of-a-kind. In addition to being individually hand-crafted, some antique and estate jewels are made by famous jewelers such as Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels and many others. Ross-Simons happily pays a large premium for fine signed pieces.

If large diamonds and gemstones are highlighted in a fine piece of jewelry, they make the jewelry even more rare and desirable. Often rarity can be solely in the unique nature of the piece of jewelry and is not predicated on the intrinsic value.


Ross-Simons will pay premium prices for signed jewelry, exquisite examples of period jewelry, antique and estate diamond jewelry as well as engagement rings. As always, fashion trends influence the demand for certain periods, materials and gemstones.


Ross-Simons expects minimal signs of wear on antique and estate jewelry that we purchase. Jewelry with apparent repairs and restoration can be devalued. Alterations from the original can result in devaluation as well.